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  • プライベートツアーコーディネート
  • 宿泊施設・交通機関及び異文化体験クラス等の手配

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Private Tour Coordinator

Experience our custom private tour of Japan with local guides.  Enjoy visiting a combination of important tourist attractions, and off-the beaten track sites. Whether you are interested in the arts, culture, nature, sports, shopping or sightseeing, there's a personal experience for you. Just let us know your interests, and we will propose your ideal itinerary. 

For more information and a quote, please feel free to contact us by e-mailINQUIRY.

officeR reserve hotel, transportation and things to do, such as cultural class.

Private Guide Service Fee
AREA / HOUR Tour fare 4 hours Tour fare 8 hours
Tokyo metropolitan area 8,000yen* 15,000yen*
Outside of Tokyo
(tour escort service)
start from 20,000yen/day*
* up to 2 guests (please contact us for price quotes for groups of 3 or larger).
* the cost of food, transportation, any admission fees are NOT included.
* price include 5% consumption tax

Japanese Culture Experience (optional)
You'll find out a lot more about Japan through the experiencing Japanese culture.
Course Fees per person Class
Flower Arrangement
8,000yen private lesson:
learn basic traditional Japanese flower arrangement
Tea Ceremony Lesson
7,000yen private lesson:
learn the fundamentals and tools of the tea ceremony, and practice the
simple tea-making procedure
Japanese Calligraphy
5,000yen private lesson:
learn how to write Japanese/Chinese characters by using brushes and ink. you can also take your work back home!
8,000yen* write your name or your favorite word either in Japanese/Chinese character on T-shirt and make your orginal calligraphy T-shirt!

* includes cost of T-shirt
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